ITA, Inc. proudly supplies the highest quality of face drivers for turning and grinding to ensure the best performance, highest accuracy and longest life while keeping prices low.

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PTM is the leading manufacturer of standard and custom-designed face drivers for turning and grinding applications. They expertly craft and manufacture an extensive line of products with the highest quality materials available. In a word, PTM is fine craftsmanship at its best.

PTM Face Driver

PTM Face Driver Specifications

PTM face drivers are constructed from high-quality materials and components with innovative design and manufacturing practices. This makes them ideal for the mass production of precision parts.

  • Engineered for maximum tool clearance while providing the highest rigidity and accuracy to the workpiece
  • Reduces clamping times in various turning operations
  • Allows excellent tool approach to the workplace with its extremely compact shape
  • Ensures safe driving even for parts that are not perfectly square cut
  • Enables you to machine shafts with holes in the center when fitted with extended points

Optimize Production Flow and Reduce Production Costs

Our expert sales and technical teams will walk you through every step of the face driver selection process.

  • Preliminary analysis of your machine tool system and the pieces to be machined
  • Selecting the face driver which best fits your requirements
  • Choosing available custom options available to match your workholding requirements
  • After-sales support

To learn more about PTM face drivers for turning and grinding applications, call 410-777-8555  or contact us for more details today.

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.