ITA stocks non-woven filter media for coolant filtration applications in the machining industry.

filter fabric

Non-wovens are an economical and versatile alternative to woven fabrics in many applications. Non-wovens are appropriate for coolant filtration applications because they are lightweight, strong, have good chemical resistance and are an excellent value for the dollar. Our filter fabric media offers excellent filtration characteristics, reduces tramp oil and is very competitively priced.

ITA carries a large inventory of different widths, lengths and a wide range of filtration ratings.

A few typical applications for our various types of filter media include:

  • Centerless grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Roll grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Belt grinding
  • Double disc grinding
  • Honing
  • Many metal working and industrial processes

To learn more about our wide range of filter fabric for coolant filtration, contact ITA today.

Series # Micron Rating Lengths and widths of non-woven filter fabric media can be supplied to the customer’s specific requirements.
FF225 10 The FF series of filtration fabric is the most popular of filter media and can be used on gravity, pressure and vacuum filters.
FF200 15
FF150 20
FF125 30
FF100 40
FF75 50
FF50 85
FO200 25 The FO series of filtration fabric is often used in applications where flow rate restriction can present a problem.
FO150 50
FO125 70
FO100 150
FO75 200
FO50 300
HG250 1 The HG series of filtration fabric is an excellent choice when finer filtration is required.
HG230 3
HG180 10
HG150 20
HG100 40
SF150 10

The SF series of filtration fabric is also a good choice for gravity filtration applications.

SF125 15
SF100 25
SF80 30
SF70 70
SF60 80
SF50 100

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.