The unfiltered truth is not all coolant filters are the same. CFS Coolant Filtration Systems are sturdy, reliable, constructed of heavy gauge steel and economically priced.

CFS filters are ideal for all types of machine tool applications for removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and organic and inorganic contaminants such as glass, rubber, ceramic and plastic.

CFS has more than 30 standard models of coolant filtration systems to choose from. A sampling of benefits include:

  • Longer tool/grinding wheel life
  • Extends coolant life
  • Improves workpiece quality
  • Extends filter fabric life
  • Improves coolant performance
  • Reduces machine tool wear
  • Improves surface finish
  • Reduces machine tool downtime
  • No settling tank to clean

CFS automatic coolant filtration systems can extend coolant life, reduce machine maintenance, and improve workpiece quality. Contact us for a quote today.



Model Roll

The CFS Model ROLL Coolant Filter, with automatic operation, is a specially designed filter and is suitable for water soluble, synthetic or straight oil coolant. The ROLL is made of heavy gauge steel and features an expanded filtering area. The revolving conveyor is made of heavy gauge non-metallic material (rigid for better support) and will not tear filter fabric. The chemically resistant, low-density float provides failsafe operation.


Model Disk

The CFS Model DISK is a magnetic separator that can be used alone or with our Model ROLL Coolant Filter (see our Model COMB below). The Model DISK is an economical and efficient method of filtering ferrous metal particles, fines and chips from water soluble, synthetic or straight oil coolant and provides many advantages, such as automatic continuous operation, self-cleaning and easy installation.


Model Comb

The Model COMB combines a gravity-fed coolant filter (our Model ROLL) with a magnetic separator (our Model DISK). This combination creates a two-stage filtration system, assuring a high degree of coolant filtration, as well as reducing filter fabric consumption. The Model COMB is manufactured with heavy gauge steel and epoxy coating offers high corrosion resistance to exposed parts. A translator control minimizes filter fabric usage and is advanced in incremental amounts automatically.

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.