We purchased CFS Coolant Filter Model C7.15 from ITA, Inc. and we are very satisfied with its performance. We find it to be of good quality, designed very well, takes up less floor space than others, and it was the lowest price by far compared to all the other units that we looked at. A lot of bang for the buck.
We have six CFS Coolant Filters with and without magnetic separators. They have proven to be extremely reliable. They are heavy duty and built very well. We have benefited from owning CFS Coolant Filters and I would highly recommend them.
We have been machining components on a Haas lathe utilizing high RPM. Whenever the operator opened the machine door there would be a cloud of mist. He would have to wait for the mist to clear before reaching into the work area. We purchased a Noil 08 Mist Collector and it solved our mist problem. It has been 2 ½ years and it has not required any type of maintenance.
We have been purchasing Coral Noil Mist Collectors from ITA, Inc. for the past several years. We currently have 28 units in our facility, a mix of Models 08’s and 12’s. The units have resolved the various issues we were having and we find them to be reliable and run efficiently with no vibration. ITA’s customer service department keeps us well informed on shipping and delivery dates and they are responsive to our needs.
We have a large lathe with high pressure coolant and it creates a lot of mist which was going all over the walls, floor and ceiling creating an unsafe environment. We were in the market to purchase a mist collector to take care of this problem and the Coral Noil was one of several that we looked at. The Noil was less expensive than the others by a few hundred dollars. It is doing an excellent job and has resolved our problem.
In our shop we have 3 to 4 different brands of mist collectors. When it came time to purchase another, I was looking for a mist collector that performed well and required less maintenance. I purchased a Coral Model Noil Mist Collector for our shop two years ago and besides its excellent performance, it has not required any maintenance or filter replacement during that period of time. Filter change is a very quick process, less than 5 minutes, and no tools are required.
We were having a problem with too much mist venting from our Mori Seiki and Okuma machines in our shop and I was concerned about the health and safety of our employees. We purchased a Coral Noil 06 Mist Collector and it performed very well and improved our air quality. It performed so well in fact, we purchased eight more for our shop; six Model Noil 06 and two Model Noil 08. They shipped according to my schedule and ITA’s customer service kept us well informed of product shipment and delivery dates.
We do a lot of machining including a lot of hard turning and use high pressure coolant. This creates a tremendous amount of mist and we were very concerned about the operators breathing in the mist. We had a different mist collector in the shop already and it required frequent maintenance and caused a lot of vibration. We purchased our first Coral Model Noil 08 in October of 2012 and it was easy to install, it has low power consumption, quiet operation and causes no vibration. To date we have not performed any maintenance on the unit and we have not changed or cleaned the filters. In early 2013 we purchased a second Noil 08, then a Noil 15 in December. The Noil has taken care of the problems we were experiencing and we are very satisfied.
We purchase PTM live centers and dead centers from ITA for a variety of reasons. Their centers with interchangeable point are an advantage for us, saving us money as well as saving us time. We find them to be high precision, high quality and they function very well. They manufacture special dead centers exactly to our specifications with a quick turnaround.
We purchase PTM Dead Centers from ITA, Inc. and find them to be of excellent quality and accurate. We recently purchased a PTM Three Point Live Center and found it to be very rigid and accurate.
We have a Blohm Planomat 412 Surface Grinder and purchased a Noil 20 Mist Collector to capture the mist. We purchased the Noil in 2015 and now almost three years later we have not performed any maintenance or replaced the filters. It runs very well, is quiet to operate and removes the mist very quickly. I would highly recommend a Noil Mist Collector to anyone having issues with mist in their shop.
Oil mist was causing a problem in our shop. It was collecting on our ceiling and creating a mess and a slippery condition as well as other issues. After researching different types of mist collectors we decided to purchase two Coral Model Noil 20 mist collectors and after a period of time we purchased nine additional units (three Noil 08, four Noil 15 and another two Noil 20). After all the units were installed and operating we cleaned the ceiling and now more than nine months later the ceiling is still as clean as when it was first cleaned. There was no further accumulation of oil on the ceiling. The Noils solved our problem and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
We purchased a Model ROLL 10.25 coolant filter from ITA, Inc. We find it to be user friendly, made of sturdy construction and it has great filtering capabilities. We like it so much we plan to purchase a second one. I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new coolant filter.
We purchased a special PTM Live Center (manufactured to our drawing) from ITA, Inc. and found it to be very accurate (<1 micron roundness). The support we received from ITA was excellent and the Live Center was delivered on time as promised.

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