ITA offers high-quality PTM Live Centers to help machine shops reduce their production costs and improve efficiency.

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PTM is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom-designed live centers for turning, grinding, and gear cutting. By incorporating high-quality materials, innovative design, and efficient manufacturing processes, PTM produces an extensive line of superior components at significant savings, which ITA passes along to you.


PTM Live Center Specifications

Each live center is engineered for maximum tool clearance while providing the highest rigidity to the workpiece:

  • Manufactured with the highest quality steel available
  • Completely hardened and ground to 61-63 Rc for improved quality and long life
  • Live Centers WK Series deliver accuracy: +/- 0.0005mm.

Interchangeable Points

To help you reduce your production costs and improve efficiency, many PTM live centers are available with an extensive selection of interchangeable points for a variety of applications. ITA stocks a large selection of shapes and sizes, allowing customers to use the same center for multiple workholding applications:

  • Eliminates the need to replace the whole center
  • Simply change the point for a new application or replace it when it wears out
  • Provides significant savings with accurate, long-lasting performance
  • Reduce your workpiece holding and retooling costs
  • Increase the accuracy of your turning, grinding, and gear-cutting applications
PTM Live Centers

 Live Center Types Available

  • Reduced head live centers
  • Extended spindle live centers
  • Variable (spring loaded) axial load live centers
  • Full-length (heavy load) live centers
  • High precision/high-speed live centers
  • Bull nose live centers
  • Half live centers
  • Interchangeable point live centers
Custom Live Center

Custom Live Centers

ITA also offers custom live centers with quick turnaround and very reasonable prices to meet your specific requirements.

ITA’s Large Selection of Points for Live and Dead Centers Cuts Costs

Need help choosing the right live center for your turning, grinding or gear cutting process? To speak with an ITA expert, call 410-777-8555 or contact us for more details today.

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.