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Installing a mist collector does more than just keep your shop area clean and productive. With today’s rising costs, you want to control your machining expenses as much as possible. A good way to reduce coolant cost is to recycle coolant back to your machine tool. Noil mist collectors are ideal for evacuating both water-soluble and oil-based coolant mist and oil mist, and recycles them back to your machine tool.

By having a mist collector in place, you can also save on your heating and cooling costs, because without it windows and shop doors must be opened to help clear the air, causing your heating and air conditioning expenses to rise. Oil and dirt also clog up your heating and cooling filters, requiring more frequent replacement. Mist collection systems help to keep oil and dirt from building up on your shop floors, walls and ceilings which, in turn, reduces your housekeeping costs. Undoubtedly you have invested a great deal in your shop machinery. Oil mist can also interfere with the workings of sensitive electronic equipment. A mist eliminator helps keep your sensitive machinery free from operational problems due to oil and dirt buildup.

What are your machines emitting into your shop environment? Health and safety issues can have a big impact on your bottom line. Airborne oil mist can land everywhere, not only on floors and machinery but also on your employees. An oil mist collector helps avoid employee accidents due to slips and falls from oil and dirt buildup on shop floors. A mist collector also helps to improve air quality which in turn aids in reducing the chance your employees may develop serious health issues. Studies have shown exposure to metalworking fluids and machine mist can cause a multitude of health risks. An oil mist filter goes a long way in helping keep your shop in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations.

Perhaps you already have coolant mist collectors in use? If you see mist or smoke emanating from the unit, then it isn’t doing the job. Beware of mist collectors that are big on promises but fail to deliver. Click here to find out why Coral mist collection units are the better choice.

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